From our Founder

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As the oldest of six children, I do a lot of chauffeuring to hockey practices. One evening, I was driving my two little brothers home, and I became distracted by my phone. Before I knew it, I was across the double yellow line, heading right into oncoming traffic. Fortunately, I was able to swerve back into my lane, with only a racing heart and shaken nerves as a result. Later than night, my sister admitted to me that she was texting while driving when she had totaled my car two months earlier. She hit a tree and was lucky to survive relatively unscathed.

Like most people, I used to think that I was immune to the consequences. But shaken by own experience – and those of people I love – I decided something had to be done. So I thought, why not create something that incentivizes people to stop distracted driving? In 2014, during my junior year at Middlebury College, I started working on the solution.

The JoyRyde App is available now for iTunes and Android, and continues to be refined and enhanced. Through our ever-growing brand and business partnerships, we’re able to offer users incredible rewards for doing nothing. Literally. Keep your hands on the wheel, and eyes on the prize.
— Terry Goguen, JoyRyde Founder


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